A “Bicycle Expressway” for the Mind

We are building a p2p data mesh framework for particpant-curated attention-flow computing-- our solution to the hard problem of machine-followable information content required for advanced augmented sensemaking.

What is Senters?

A human-centered framework for attention-flow computing

We are pioneering attention-flow computing, a new approach to computing that leverages theoretical psychology in the design of a protocol for machine-followable collaborative scaffolding of joint attention.

A map of the augmented collaborative sensemaking metaverse

Built on secure p2p data mesh infrastructure, senters will generate a growing repository of private and openly shared documents sourcing a wealth of machine-followable topologies of motivated attention-flow supporting an unlimited range of possible situations and practices.

Participants expressively scaffold centers of attending to practice

Centers of attention are natural, casually shaped, attention-flow scaffolding of human practices. As humans we already know centers well since our very first experiences with joint attention in infancy-- and using a small vocabulary of signals we can make them explicit enough to teach machines how to grasp them.

An unsiloed open development ecosystem for instrumenting our environments and our lives

In order for centers to be useful, they have to be grounded in tracking concrete signs and steps taken related to them. Instrumenting is how attention-flow is constituted as a mode of involvement with software, machines, and environments.

Attendants augment knowing and doing

Attendants are the "machine" in machine-followable, artificial agents that we teach to follow attention-flow topologies, making them capable of supporting and augmenting personal agency.

Content-aware computing and social intelligence amplification

A key motivation of the senters project is the contention that human-style joint attention is what uniquely solves the hard problem of content in nature, and likewise is the royal road to machines that can augment, extend, and boost human agency.

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